Should you hire a home inspector? The answer is absolutely yes! For the money you will spend, which is around $200- $250 depending on where you live, you will protect yourself against any unforeseen surprises that could cost you thousands of dollars when buying a home.


A home inspector will look over the home with a fine tooth comb and give you the final report. He or she will get up on the roof and look around for shingles that are loose as well as any roof damage. If there is a chimney, the home inspector will look over the checklist for that as well. The inspector will be able to tell you if the chimney will need a cleaning before you purchase the home.


The home inspector will look over wiring in the home you are thinking of purchasing. He or she will let you know if the wiring will need replacing in any areas. The ceilings and flooring will be checked over for any water damage.


If the home has its own septic tank the inspector will find out where it is. In some cases, older homes have the septic tank under the house. For example, the previous homeowner or even the homeowner beforehand built an addition onto the home. It just so happens the new addition is on top of the septic tank. New laws may prevent you from getting a loan from the bank as you will have to pay to get the tank moved. When the septic tank is underneath a room in the home, this is very costly to dig up and may ruin the room of the house it is under.


If the home you are thinking of purchasing has its own well, it will be inspected as well. You want to make sure you have a well with safe water to drink, cook with and shower/bath in. If not, the homeowner has the option of fixing this problem or you can move onto looking at other homes with your real estate agent.


The attic will be checked for insulation and safety issues. The basement will be checked for any water damage or other issues. The inspector is trained on what to look for. You do not want to do-it-yourself and miss any clues of water damage that may be hidden.


Walls will be looked over and knocked on to make sure they are solid. Many other items will be looked over for you, the potential home buyer.


Once the house has been inspected you will look over the report with the inspector. He or she will discuss each item on the report with you. The inspector may also advise you to go ahead and purchase the home, tell you to offer a lot lower then what the seller is asking, or even recommend you keep hunting for a house. Protect yourself and hire a home inspector.