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What You Should Know About HARP Refinancing

Anyone who has been watching the news recently has more than likely heard of the HARP refinancing program.  While it may have seen like a campaign tactic, it is actually real and is helping those homeowners who qualify, successfully refinance their existing mortgages.  But for every homeowner ...
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Cures for Bad Scenic Views

Picture the view from a window which looks out over a lush lawn or a well-manicured golf course. The image is obviously appealing. If you are not so lucky, what do you do to sell a home that has only unpleasant views from every outlook? With a little ingenuity, ...
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Remodeling and Updating Projects That Pay Off

Whether or not you are thinking about moving it doesn’t hurt to look to the future when considering remodeling and updating your home. Some projects will pay for themselves and might help you prioritize especially when working on a budget.   Add Usable Space While putting an addition on ...
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